Snowboarding trips

Unless you live on top of a mountain, you’re going to trip. It could mean driving your car 30 minutes to a small ski area, or it could mean a day’s worth of airport hassle to get to a large destination resort. (Note: We say “ski area” or “resort” as a matter of convenience.)

What’s desirable in a ski area depends on a number of factors: your skill level, your budget, the amount of time you have to travel, who will be going with you, and what kind of experience you like on and near the slope.

If you live near a mountain that offers a lot of vertical drop and skiable area at affordable prices, be grateful. If you don’t, make the best of the situation, by planning extended trips. Progressing in snowboarding is another way to extend the attractiveness of a limited area.

We have some tips for planning your trip, with information on picking a resort. Some people have trouble with altitude sickness, so we provide a list of some low-altitude resorts worthy of consideration, and high-altitude ones to be wary of. If a short drive from the airport is an important consideration, we have that covered, too.

We also give you some links to sites that offer consumer reviews of resorts, and you can also look at our own extended reviews of a few selected resorts.

If you’d like a near comprehensive list of resorts in North America, try our listing.

Finally, don’t forget the packing list!

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