Where to buy

Unless you’re able to make everything yourself, you’re going to have to buy some gear for snowboarding. Adult riders, by virtue of their age and history, typically have the money buy your stuff, rather than wait for their parents to hand over the money. On the other hand, one disadvantage of being an adult rider is that you may have to cut back on your snowboarding purchases to take care of your kids.

Who makes and sells snowboarding gear

There are a variety of people who both make and sell snowboarding gear and supplies.

In general, you can buy snowboarding gear from three types of vendors:

  • General purpose sporting goods stores. REI seems to have a decent selection, plus some useful information sheets;
  • Specialty ski/board shops, where you may pay more, but get more knowledgeable staff; and
  • Individuals selling their used goods through eBay, ski swaps, and the like.

For the most part, the hobbyists who created the early gear of the 1970s have given way to large companies. Skiers will notice that many of these companies also sell skis. Here are a few of the many companies that make snowboards, in alphabetical order. There are any different, smaller companies that we can’t begin to list.

  • Burton: The biggest, definitely. The best? It depends.
  • K2: Huge multi-line sporting goods company.
  • Flow: We like their bindings.
  • Never Summer: They make snowboard and skateboards.
  • Ride: We’ve got their boots.
  • Rossignol: A ski company that has snowboards.
  • Volkl: Another ski company that makes snowboards.
  • WinterStick: Back-country specialists.

If you look around, you can still find smaller companies, as well.

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