Photo gallery

Here are some photos of older snowboarders. The ages listed are those of the person when the photo was taken.

If you have a photo of yourself on a snowboard that you’d like to share, please use the contact us page.

Gustav Garceau, 80, at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire


Duke Millington, 60s, at Big Sky, Montana


Paula Li — 59, at Bear Valley, California


Ruth Sunkle, 60, at Peek n’ Peak, New York

Ruth S

Suzanne Seaman, 62, at Boreal, California

Suzanne S

Gary Turner, Michael Seaman, and Rich de Glymes (all in their 60s), at Boreal

Gary Michael Rich

Tom Levak, 75, in the Pacific Northwest


Megan McCulloch, 54, at Nub’s Nob, Michigan


Shannon McJanet, 70, at Whistler, British Columbia

Janet M

Ken Shapiro, 60, at Buttermilk, Colorado

Ken S

Cindy Dominguez, 54, at Keystone, Colorado

Cindy D

Bob Hammer, 50

Bob H

Chuck Podlich, 50, at Mission Ridge, Washington

Chuck P

Chip Bierwieler, 55,  at Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Chip B

Gina Malito, 50, at White Pass, Washington

Gina 1

Rob Baker, at Beaver Creek, Colorado

Rob Baker

Shadow Gorilla, 65, at Park City Mountain Resort


Rick Carter, 60, at Park City Mountain Resort

Rick C 1

Patrick Moore, at Telluride

Pat Moore


Lawrence Pellett, 63, of Connecticut

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  1. Randy K. says:

    WOW…look at all of those youngin’s. Here I am concerned about being 43y/o and learning. Haha

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