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Snowboarding and ski blogs we like

Every year it seems that once-enjoyable blogs go dark or disappear altogether. In fact, only three of the blogs mentioned below are in any way current. That’s too bad. If you know of a blog that should be highlighted here, please leave a comment and we will review it.

Agnarchy: Michigan snowboarder
Brave Ski Mom — If mom’s not happy, nobody’s happy
Colorado, Snowboards and Scooters: Writing from Colorado
M. Griff: Trenton Times skier and photographer
PowderRoom: for women who snowboard (not updated since late 2013)
Shayboarder: Had a great run of six year, on hiatus since August, 2013


John Dee’s Snow Central
Midwest snow information, maintained by a private meteorologist.

Best Snow
Detailed snow records for selected mountains.

Snow Forecasts
For U.S. Western resorts.

Weather Underground
Current reports for ski and snowboard areas.

Best Ski Weather
Detailed forecasts.

National Snow and Ice Data Center
Based at the University of Colorado and supported by the NSF, NOAA, and other agencies.

Tree Well and Deep Snow Safety
Riding in the trees can be fabulous. It can also be deadly. Read more and be aware.

Northwest Avalanche Institute
All about avalanches, which are one reason why many people prefer groomed slopes.

Air Travel

Getting to key destination ski areas may require air travel. Here are some web sites on the subject.

Flight Aware
A good flight tracker lets you tell if traffic is getting into that destination airport.

Flight Delay Information
If you’re heading to the airport for a ski trip, this site from the FAA can help you assess the conditions at major airports in the U.S.

Mountain Flying
Flying into your favorite ski area? This web site will help private pilots fly safely, and help commercial passengers appreciate the work of the people who get them to the mountains.

Ski Area Information

Grays on Trays resort listing
A quickly loading listing of ski and snowboard areas within region of the U.S. (West, Midwest, New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast)

Produced by a skier prone to make rather negative remarks about snowboarding and snowboarders, it’s on this list nonetheless. Why? The site’s author offers honest opinions of what’s hot and what’s not in ski areas.

Ultimate Ski
Based in the UK, it features only destination resorts in the U.S., but offers some plain talk you may not get elsewhere. Includes scrollable maps.


Sail and Ski
For our friends on the other side of the pond, Sail and Ski is a Cheshire-based firm with snowboard, ski, skate, and other products.

Discounted Lift Tickets

Offers a yield management system: name your place and date, and get a discount from the window price. Discounts vary according to formulas set by the resort.

Sells discounted lift tickets to resorts in the Lake Tahoe area.

Sliding on the Cheap
Yet another Tahoe discounter.

Magazines and miscellaneous web sites

There’s a separate page for snowboarding magazines.

First Tracks
Calls itself an “Online ski magazine,” it is useful for snowboarders as well as skiers.

Snowboard Secrets
Published by a 40+ snowboarder in the northeast who connects with professional riders. Check out the wrist guards and gloves for sale.

Snowboarding for Women
Chickie Rosenberg started riding at age 50 and continued until shortly before her death in 2013. The site has been changed a lot since her death. It has some “media mention” clips as well as a link to buy her book, the proceeds of which will go to support cancer research.

Going, going, gone! Expired snow-related websites

Like snow in April, some interesting ski and snowboard sites have disappeared, hacked, or morphed into sites that just smell like spam.

  • Aspect Journal
  • Boomer Boarding
  • Grays on Trays.ORG — formerly a ski and social club with no relation to this site.
  • Moms on Board
  • ShredGeezers
  • SnowboardDiva
  • SkiCentral
  • Snowboard Women — alas, now a sex site.
  • — still going, but not updated since 2007
  • Vintage Snowboarder

Ski Clubs

Most ski clubs are a mixture of skiers and snowboarders. Many people find a ski club useful for finding ski buddies, arranging for trips to distant resorts, and socializing in the off-season. There are too many clubs to list here. The National Ski Council Federation is an association of state organizations of ski clubs. Drill down through a clickable map to find a club near you.

Thanks to the Indianapolis Ski Club for the link.

Snowboarding Camps

High Cascade
Held at Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Whistler Snowboard Camps
Held at North America’s largest ski area.

Industry and Technical Sites

National Ski and Snowboard Retailers Association

They sell snowboards, skis, clothing and so forth.

National Ski Areas Association
The trade association of people who bring you lift-served areas.

National Ski Patrol
Medics and cops, all rolled into one person. (Oh yes, you can be a ski patroller while riding on a snowboard.)

National Sporting Goods Association
Selling more than just snowboarding gear, they are a useful force for statistics on trends.

Ski Area Management
The professional trade publication for the mountain resort market.

Ski, Esq.
The law and skiing/riding.

All you ever wanted to know about how ski lifts work.

Ski Safety
The law applies in many areas of life, including making turns on the slopes. This is a site of a Colorado law firm. It hasn’t been updated for a while.

Snowsports Industries America
An industry group of those in the snow sports trade. They have a huge convention every year in late January. Held in Las Vegas, the convention offers a preview of the latest equipment, clothing, and doodads for snowboarding and skiing.

Winter Feels Good
Plenty of information for everyone, from industry insiders to first-time sliders.

Training equipment

Endless Slope
Not the only training equipment provider out there certainly, but they link to us, so why not return the favor?

Youth mentoring with snowboarding

Snowboard Outreach Society
Programs that “offer snowboarding and civic engagement opportunities to youth who may be underserved or considered at-risk.”

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