Snowboarding instructional videos

Not everyone has the same style of learning. Some learn best from reading. Others use trial and error. If you learn from watching other people, some of the videos below might help you. They won’t substitute for lessons from a competent instructor, but they will give you an edge when you go to the mountain. There are plenty of videos out there to help you jib, grind rails, and huck your carcass off of money booters so that (one hopes) you won’t end up with hospital air.

Say what?

Just as we thought. Straight-forward, non-nonsense videos on the basics of riding are few and far between. For the longest time, snowboarding-related videos focused on spins, jumps, and fearless tricks that most adults contemplating snowboarding might watch for “how do they do that?” entertainment–but not as guides to learning.

Now that has changed. Here are some YouTube channels and other platforms that are worth checking out.


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