Grays on Trays Terms of Service (TOS)

This is the terms of service of the Grays on Trays ® web site, an online resource dedicated to providing information relevant to adults interested in snowboarding. We welcome you to the site, and encourage you to look around. But we need to come to an understanding of expected behavior.

What follows is simply a compilation of rules and ideas that you agree to when you use this site. It can be summed up in five words: be decent, and be responsible.


You’ll see “We” a lot in this document. “We” usually refers to the publisher of this site. Sometimes it refers to the technical and business partners we use. “You,” of course, is the person reading this document. We hope that you’re a snowboarder, or at least someone who wants to try it out!


We hate to be so negative so soon, but let’s get this out of the way: Snowboarding can kill you. We told you so.

Millions of people around the world enjoy snowboarding without getting killed or injured. We hope you will, too. But if you jump off a cliff and land on your head on a rock, there’s a good chance you’ll die. If you ride into a tree at a reasonably high rate of speed, you’re going to die. If you ride near trees, you may fall into what is called a “tree well” and suffocate. And of course there are avalanches.

Don’t forget that you’re more likely to be killed or hurt while driving to the the slopes.

Happily, snowboarding fatalities and even injuries do not happen too often. But they do happen, and you need to be aware of that fact. By using this site, you acknowledge that you’ve been warned.

This web site does not provide legal, medical, or other professional advice.

You are not our clients and though we strive to provide accurate information, we have no professional obligation to you. We may warn you about the information provided by third parties, including people who write on this site’s bulletin board, but are not obligated to do so.

By using this site you agree to the following:

I hereby acknowledge that I know and recognize the risks and dangers involved in snowboarding, and fully understand that unanticipated and unexpected dangers may arise.

I hereby assume all risks of injury to my person and property and to any other person harmed by my actions and / or property damaged by my actions in connection with or as a result of snowboarding.

I hereby release, remise, discharge, save and hold harmless the Grays on Trays®website and its administrators, participants of the the discussion board, and agents of the web site’s publisher from all claims, demands, actions and causes of action of any sort, for any and all loss, liability damages and cost sustained to my person and property, during my participation in this web site and during my activity as a snowboarder due to negligence or any other cause or fault.

I hereby covenant not to sue and forever waive my right to sue the publisher, administrator(s), participants on the discussion board, trip leaders, and agents, for any and all loss, liability damage and cost sustained to my person and property, during participation on this web site and during my activity as a snowboarder due to negligence or any other cause or fault.

I hereby agree to indemnify and reimburse the Grays on Trays® website and its administrators, participants on the discussion board, trip leaders, and agents for any and all loss, liability, damage and cost they may incur (including attorneys fees) as a result of any and all loss, injury, liability, damage and cost caused by me as a result of my breach of this agreement.

That’s a lot, isn’t it? Here’s what we’re saying, in seven words: You’re responsible for your actions, not us.


There’s a bulletin board on this site. It is there for people to exchange ideas, stories, questions, and thoughts on snowboarding. It is not there as a place for you to sell anything you want.

Any sales that we allow on the site must be directly related to snowboarding: equipment, clothing, and books and magazines, primarily.

If you want to sell or buy a snowboard or a pair of boots through the bulletin board, that’s fine. Sending people unsolicited commercial messages, either through e-mail or private messages, is not. Neither is sending messages that are threatening or harassing. If you violate these conditions, your account will be revoked. Also, it will be revoked if you link to a site (either in a public message, private message, or in your profile) that deals in spam, pornography, hate speech, or illegal activity.


Remember “mixed company?” Keep that standard in mind as you interact with others on the discussion board. This means no pornography or obscenity, no name-calling, no sexual harassment, no celebration of illegal drugs or drunkenness. What you do in your own time is your own business. What you talk in the discussion forum is our business.

Remember your most strict aunt or grandmother? Talk as if she is in the room. Use your manners. No insults or put-downs. Flaming will not be tolerated. If you express an agreement, use reason to explain why you think differently. We will determine whether your words violate these terms of service.


You may find, on the discussion board, other people who like to go snowboarding at your favorite mountain. We encourage people to ride together. That said, get to know someone as well as you can online before meeting. Your first meeting should be in a public place.

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