Top 10 Reasons why snowboarding is better than golf

A lot of “gray” folk prefer golf to snowboarding. Here are the Top 10 Reasons why they should reconsider:

10. Unsightly body fat is covered up with bulky clothing.
9. No lost balls.
8. No “driving range” or “practice green.” Just do it!
7. You won’t have to call a penalty stroke on yourself.
6. Leave the chair lift, and there you go. No “pace of play” problems.
5. A tough snowboarding run is over in minutes. A bad golf round lasts for hours.
4. Hooks and slices (turns) aren’t bad; they’re good.
3. No mosquitoes, flies, or ticks sucking your blood.
2. Snowboarding gear can cost less than a single driver.
1. There’s no keeping score in snowboarding. Just enjoy it.

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