What’s it like?

As you might expect, it will take some effort to learn how to ride. But you may already be using many of the skills required for snowboarding. Here are some examples:

Snowboarding is like golf, inline skating, and mountain biking: you need to survey the terrain, and pick out where you want to go. Not doing this can sometimes lead to unpleasant surprises.

Snowboarding is like piloting a speed boat or personal water craft, or skiing on water or snow: there are no brakes, there are other people around, you need to follow the “rules of the road” for safety’s sake, and directional changes are your friend.

Snowboarding is like surfing: you stand on a board, with a strap attached to one foot, and your motion takes you not only to a final destination, but from side-to-side as you get there.

Snowboarding is like slalom water skiing, skateboarding, surfing, inline skating or ice skating: your most fundamental challenge is to keep your balance while in motion.

Snowboarding is like water skiing: you may jump over small hills, or stay within them.

Snowboarding is like skiing: you start at rest, often in a crouched position, and need to get to your feet while maintaining some bend in your knees.

Snowboarding is like inline skating: it’s a lot easier to get off the ground by putting your weight on your toes than on your heels.

Snowboarding is like anything worthwhile: it may take some effort, but you’ll be glad you did it.

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