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Through letters, forum posts, and other means, we hear from older snowboarders who appreciate having a place to meet others of their own age.

A place to meet riding partners

“First off, it’s truly about snowboarding, and sharing information about snowboarding, through experience. The snowboarders on this site are of all different skill levels and of different riding styles. It’s a great place to learn about different ski resorts, and maybe meet new riding partners to show you around at a new place.

“Grays is not about pretending to be interested in snowboarding, just to hook up with someone, which I found to be the case on most sport-related sites. I like the fact that the people on Grays understand and deal with the same things I do on the mountain. I consider my skill level to be advanced in most areas of riding. The last three or four seasons I’ve been enjoying the backcountry, but only consider my skill level intermediate in this area.
Keep going!

“I’m looking forward to asking question of people my age who understand the issues and questions I will have. I also look forward to sharing my experience with others. Thanks again for this site.”
Sure, you can and should learn from people much younger than you. But there is also some value to having some mature voices in the room. 

No Drugs, Please

“It’s nice to read some info on snowboarding that doesn’t involve the urban jib scene or getting high!”
We hear you, “dude.”

A Good Read

“I read with interest and amusement your account of learning to ride.”
Thanks for the encouraging words. Sometimes our trials do make for great reads.


“Keep up the good work, and pray for snow!”
Thanks. We’re making web pages; they’re making snow.

Come Ride With Me

“Nice website. If you are ever in the area, please look me up.”
Helping adult riders meet each other is part of what we do.

Can You Help Us Get a Group Together?

“I think a bulletin board would be a great addition to your site. It would be a nice way for adults to ask questions about snowboarding amongst peers.”
Great idea! Thanks to your suggestion, plus that of a teenager, we started a discussion forum.

You Mean There’s More Than Just You and Me?

“He mentioned it would be nice if there were a group of us. He told me about your web site and here I am.”
Glad to know that the word is spreading.

No, we’re not cool

“It’s so nice so have someplace to go where it’s not all about who’s the coolest.”
Are you saying that 40, 50, and 60 year old folks dancing down the mountain on a snowboard isn’t cool? That’s all right; we know what you mean, and agree wholeheartedly.

We’re sweet

“Sweet. You guys are pretty sweet. You get old people to snowboard heh.”
Thanks. We think.

We provide perspective

“Right now, almost all the other snowboarders I know are teenage boys (my sons and their friends) so it’s nice to get some perspectives from other grown-ups.”
That’s what we’re here for.

No skull, please!

This site is cool, too. I grabbed a look at the front page — gee no skulls or pistols!” — A skier on
That’s right. No skulls or exploding eyeballs or obscene gestures. Just a grown-up, sensible, straight-forward approach to a sport that adults are learning to love.

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  1. Troy Junge says:

    I love the post about riding by yourself. I’m 46 and have been getting up regularly to the local hill in Vancouver for night boarding after work. I just said to heck with trying to organize people go up as well. Surprise, surprise: About a third of the time someone will join and that’s fine too. But, yes, go when you want, ride the run you want, work on the skills you want to without holding anyone up, etc. It’s great.

    Keep up the good work.

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