Are you too old for snowboarding?

Think you’re too old for snowboarding? Age isn’t necessarily a barrier. Listen to these folks describe their enthusiasm for riding:

Gregory: What’s wrong with just cruising around on a snow board? I’m 42, just got back from a week in Tahoe. I do not have any bruises to show for it and can easily see myself riding for the next 20 years. [rec.skiing.snowboard]

Dave: I shall be 59 tomorrow … Why should the kids have all the fun? [rec.skiing.snowboard]

Roger: I am 47 … I think I’ll snowboard until I am at least 200, then maybe I’ll take up skiing. [rec.skiing.snowboard]

Brian: I’m pushing 50 and I just started boarding this season. … I can guarantee I’ll be on the hill for a *long* time yet. There’s no age restriction for the kind of rush you can get from boarding. [rec.skiing.snowboard]

Don: Good for you “old guys”! Don’t think you’ll soon be “too” old; I’m 71, and got in only a couple of days last season. … This is the most fun I’ve *ever* had! Saw a clip on the news the other night of an 84 year old, who’s been riding since he was 70. I hope we can all be still riding at that age.

Larry: “I was unable to do snow sports due to a high school football injury and loose things floating around in my knee-it locked up unexpectedly. I had it fixed at the age of 45. After that I took ski lessons one day at a time for a few years but it was always work and I did not enjoy it. My son was a boarder and I decided to try 3 days in a row of lessons. My experience was similar to yours. The first day was agony but by the end of the second day I could do a falling leaf down any hill toe side or heel side but not link turns very well. I became a snowboarder at the age of 50 so I can go with my son. [letter to]

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  1. Karl Hughes says:

    In my teens I scare boarded and twenties I rock climbed (an incredible buzz)…then learnt to sail…in my 30’s I used my yacht to get to remote mountains in Scotland…and walked/hiked and scrambled our peaks…in my early 40’s I toyed with sea kayak…at 46 I was invited as a newbie to Zermatt with a snowboarding buddy (same age)…I stress fractured an arm…at 47 I went to Austria…did a red or two got hit by a skier from behind and broke a wrist…at 48 I went to Chamonix AND IT CLICKED…at 49 I again went to Chamonix, did my first Blacks rode two weeks of powder… in two weeks time at 50 I am off to Tignes for a two weeks…with a back-country guide…
    Snowboarding gives me the same rush as when I was 18 and climbing…next year I am off to Alaska ! YOU ARE NEVER TO OLD>

  2. Rob Connell says:

    Grays on Trays, you guys are funny. Im 49 and on the threshold of my fifties, I teach snowboarding at Loveland Ski Area and love teaching brand new people the art of snowboarding. It is fun but like I say to my students…”I’m only 30% of the equation. The effort and athleticism a person brings to the lesson is 70% of it” I wish I were a silver tongued instructor but the reality is taking what you learn and going out and practicing. Snowboarding is hard to learn but easy to master. The more you do it the better you get. That has to be the most satisfying equation I know. Oh and I almost forgot…You are never too old

  3. Gail says:

    I’m 66 & been riding for 16 years. At 50 I decided 32 years of skiing & teaching were enough, so I left my skis home & went to Whiteface Mtn for two days of equipment & lessons – I was hooked even though it was a painful learning experience. Skis were sold & my first Burton board was purchased – a women’s custom board. My 5 grandchildren say that “Granny Rides” ! Not bad for a girl, huh!

  4. Tim Wade says:

    I didn’t start until I was gone 35, lived in a motorhome in various skiing resorts in Italy for years and did my instructors course at 42. I’ve now done about 10 full seasons at Bardonecchia the home of Italian snowboarding. Even been sponsored for it and at nearly 46 beat 99.9% of skier down a mountain on a board. Been asked to go for trials and train with TeamGB – I just wish I could afford it!

    It’s never too late to learn – we have a Italian guy at Bardonecchia who lives in his van and snowboards at 73! Give me a shout if you want to come with us – our new website is

  5. Robert Debling says:

    The first year was brutal until halfway through the season when I smartened up and got a thick piece of sponge rubber put it under my snow pants to protect my ass and tailbone. Never too old to board. I am 78 and have been boarding for about 10 years now. Of course I don’t go into the terrain park. Boarder Bob — Barrie, Ontario, Canada

  6. Manuel says:

    In my early 40s I learned the basics pretty quickly, then I tried to jump a small ramp because I though I could, and guess what, I couldn’t. I broke my wrist.
    After that, I didn’t try it again for 10 years. So, at 51 I wanted my son to experience ski or snowboarding, so I decided to give it another try. That was 2 years ago. In our 2nd time that season, I broke my shoulder when I hit a piece of ice going too fast.

    See, the problem with me was that I’d get to overconfidence, but no more. Now I stick to the ground and blue runs, and so far so good.

    I’m glad I decided to try it again. Besides my love for the outdoors (I’ve been windsurfing for more than 20 years and mountain biking for 10), the best part has been spending time with my son doing something we both enjoy very much. Last year we went to Colorado and I made it without any major crash, and we both experience the Rocky Mountains for the first time. It was a blast.

    By the way, my son chose skiing. I wonder why.

  7. Boarder Bob says:

    Glad to hear you are riding your board again. I still enjoy riding and I will be 80 next year — of course don’t do as many runs as I use to — legs get tired. Boarder Bob

  8. Anthony says:

    Im 40. Been riding 30 years. Broke my elbow last year (slid out on a rail.) Broken my clavicle in february. (Slid out on a rail! LOL). Got back out 4 weeks after break, riding again tomorrow (with broken clavicle) and will get back into the park next year! NEVER TOO OLD TO RIDE IF YOU LOVE IT AND ARE HAVING FUN!

  9. Tim Wade says:

    Fair play lads. Great to know the injuries don’t dampen hearts – just get straight back out there.

    Anthony – snowparks hurt (especially rails. lol). I used to love the kickers and big jumps. Always hated rails. After seeing two of my friends – Matteo who’s a Nitro professional break two vertabrae and a young friend Emma break three, both lucky to ever walk again, I’ve decided to hang up any park laps and leave that to the youngsters. Although I do like to visit the park when they have the odd barbecue with music. Makes me look old and feel a bit younger. haha

    Now I like blasting down in all conditions, ice or otherwise and steeper the better. Especially off piste and I’m getting more into off-piste trees now, which too presents its own dangers – last year I hit a tree at about 40kmh and break 4 ribs in 6 places – the A&E department laughed lots; unfortunately I couldn’t join them. And that was only a couple of weeks after the season started. Although it hurt, I was back out within 2 weeks teaching a friend and his two sons.

    Great to know us more matures are still putting fun over our safety. haha. Why else choose snowboarding? Might as well stick to chess or snooker if you don’t want to get hurt!

  10. Rich says:

    I learned to snowboard here in Michigan. Started at age 45. Lesson learned. Lessons would have been better. I fell a lot to learn fast and go fast. I love this sport. This year at age 55 I was able to hit black diamonds and test the more modest terrain park features. Fitness training with strength and balance routines are the key for me. BTW I have an acknowledged replaced right and Mclean repaired left knee. Hope to be still going at 70+

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