Reusing Snowboarding Gear

After a while, your snowboarding gear wears out, becomes obsolete, or just becomes uninteresting. What then? Sometimes you can reuse it.

My first pair of snowboarding boots, still in use

Take boots, for example. I’ve still got my original pair of snowboarding boots. I retired them when they got a terrible case of The Stink. And even after a good treatment of anti-stink powder made it bearable to keep them around, I wanted to try something new.

So what options are available to you if it’s time to move on from that pair of snowboarding boots? You could reuse them. Wearing them while using a snowblower in the driveway is one obvious possibility, as is other outdoor work or recreation. I haven’t ridden a snowmobile in over a decade (one obvious possibility), but I use the boots for sessions with my snow surfer, a quasi-snowboard that works best in powder.

If your boots aren’t too far gone, you can always sell them to someone, which could have some ecological benefit, bring you some cash, and perhaps help someone make the transition into the world of snowboarding.

And come to think of it, perhaps I need another snowboard so I can make use of those two old sets of bindings I have.

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