Myths of Snowboarding: It’s All About Jumps

So I was at a local skill hill the other day. It has built two massive kickers on the most visible run, and I don’t recall seeing anything that large in that location, ever.

Not all snowboarders take jumps, and not all aerialists are snowboarders.

I was on the lift with an older guy, a skier who was there for a beer league racing event. He saw one of the kickers and said, “It looks like they’re expecting a lot of borders.” I said something about it being a lot of snow and left it at that. I thought of explaining to him that (a) there are probably more skiers who take that jump than snowboarders and (b) some snowboarders don’t take any jumps, let alone those that are 20 feet tall. But I didn’t, because it struck me as something that would just sound nerdy and defensive.

But maybe you’re different. Would have said anything in reply?

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One Response to Myths of Snowboarding: It’s All About Jumps

  1. Chris Norman says:

    Nope, I’m with you, I want to keep both of my feet on the ground…. I’m there for the carving and powder….

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