Best Colleges for Skiers and Snowboarders

There are many attractions that tempt college students away from their studies, including spectator sports and parties. But here’s one temptation that, when taken in moderation, can bring health benefits: skiing and riding.

But where to go? An outfit called the College Consensus has put together what it calls the 25 best colleges for skiing and snowboarding. Some institutions on the list, such as Middlebury College (Vermont) and Michigan Technological University, own ski hills.

The colleges are scattered on the range of academic reputation, including an Ivy League college (Dartmouth), an engineering college or two (including Virginia Tech). Some are on the list more for active ski clubs than for quick access to the slopes, the amount of terrain readily available varies a lot. (Nobody’s going to confuse Michigan Tech’s small ski hill with the mountains available to University of Utah students, for example.)

Still, it’s a fun list to look at for those of us who think about “what might have been” in the college days — or still have those in front of them.

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