Am I Crazy for Thinking About This?

Ann writes:

Brother-in-law says that it is a stupid idea to try to learn to snowboard after the age of 30. Says that if I try to learn I will break my nose and my tailbone. Says that the issue is learning the pivot point or balance point and you can only do that as a kid, so forget about it at the age of 52. I am not a skier, haven’t skied for years. My thought is why not take lessons and totally pad up, helmet, wrist guards, etc? Seems to me that I’d be a fresh learner and wouldn’t have to unlearn any downhill skiing tendencies. Thoughts? Am I crazy for thinking about this?

Dear Ann:

The short answer: No, you aren’t crazy. The fact that you are interested in learning to ride is a healthy sign. It shows that you are open to new experiences and personal development. Congratulations!

Breaking your nose? Does your brother-in-law invite you to go snipe hunting with him? Yes, some protective equipment can be helpful, such as hockey pants or padded shorts (the latter is available for snowboards). A helmet, often available for rental at a ski shop, is the most important piece of safety equipment.

Take a lesson, certainly. Or a few. You can often get a special deal if you purchase lift tickets, rental equipment and lessons as a package. A few lessons will keep you from developing bad habits on the snow, and a good instructor will assess your situation and lead you in a way that keeps you safe.

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3 Responses to Am I Crazy for Thinking About This?

  1. Chris Norman says:

    Dear Ann, I went from skiing to boarding when I was 48 and am still snowboarding now seventeen years later at 66…… So my advice is you’re never too old to try anything new…. Wear the right gear and enjoy…

  2. Patti says:

    I went from skiing to boarding at 50. I’m 66 now and still going strong. Boarding is so fun and I feel is better on the knees. I wear extra padding on knees and last year I bought snowboarding undergarment with a bit of padding on the hips and rear just in case of a fall. “Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do anything.” That’s my motto.

  3. bill hane says:

    I started when I was 47 and became an instructor at 52. Wrist guards won’t prevent wrist injuries.

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